With Rs 16.9 Trillion Fiscal Deficit Pakistan Adds Rs 23 Trillion Debt in 10 Years

Pakistan has borrowed Rs. Twenty-three trillion to meet the total public expenditure of Rs. Seventy-two trillion during the last ten years. The governments, including PPP, PML-N, and PTI, obtained Rs. 16.922 trillion from domestic sources and Rs. 6.021 trillion from external sources.

The government borrowed Rs 1,584 billion from domestic sources and Rs 982 billion from external resources to bridge the budget deficit. The government earned Rs. Five thousand eight hundred seventy-four billion and spent Rs—8,440 billion during the first nine months of the current fiscal year.

The budget deficit was recorded at Rs 3,403 billion during 2020–21. The PTI government earned Rs 6.9 trillion, spent Rs 10.3 trillion, and borrowed Rs. Two thousand sixty-five billion from domestic and external sources to meet its expenses.

The government borrowed Rs. One thousand four hundred seventy-five billion in domestic and Rs 785 billion in foreign loans. The ex-PML-N government concluded its last fiscal year with an Rs. Two thousand two hundred sixty billion budget deficit due to total revenue of Rs. Five thousand two hundred twenty-eight billion and an expenditure of £7,488 billion.

Pakistan’s Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has announced a budget deficit of Rs. One thousand three hundred forty-nine billion for the fiscal year 2015-16. The government obtained Rs. Nine hundred seventy-nine billion from domestic resources and Rs. Three hundred seventy billion from external resources during the year.

Note: The PML-N government borrowed Rs 1,457 billion to bridge the budget deficit due to a total income of Rs. Three thousand nine hundred thirty-one billion and Rs 5,387 billion in 2014-15. Domestic debt piled up by Rs. 1,276 billion, and foreign loans surged by Rs 181 billion.

The PML-N government borrowed Rs. One thousand three hundred eighty-nine billion to bridge the budget deficit. It had collected Rs. Three thousand six hundred thirty-seven billion and spent Rs. Five thousand twenty-six billion during 2013-14. The Finance Ministry obtained Rs. Eight hundred seventy-seven billion from domestic and Rs. Five hundred twelve billion from foreign resources.


Fiscal Year (FY) Revenue (Billion) Total Expenditure Deficit Domestic Loans External Loans
2021-22 Rs 5,874 Rs 8,440 Rs 2,566 Rs 1,584 Rs 982
2020-21 Rs 6,903 Rs 10,307 Rs 3,403 Rs 2,065 Rs 1,338
2019-20 Rs 6,272 Rs 9,648 Rs 3,376 Rs 2,481 Rs 895
2018-19 Rs 4,901 Rs 8,345 Rs 3,445 Rs 3,028 Rs 417
Total Rs 23,950 Rs 36,740 Rs 12,790 Rs 9,158 Rs 3,632



Fiscal Year (FY) Revenue (Billion) Total Expenditure Deficit Domestic Loans External Loans
2017-18 Rs 5,228 Rs 7,488 Rs 2,260 Rs 1,475 Rs 785
2016-17 Rs 4,937 Rs 6,800 Rs 1,864 Rs 1,322 Rs 542
2015-16 Rs 4,447 Rs 5,796 Rs 1,349 Rs 979 Rs 370
2014-15 Rs 3,931 Rs 5,387 Rs 1,457 Rs 1,276 Rs 181
2013-14 Rs 3,637 Rs 5,026 Rs 1,389 Rs 877 Rs 512
Total Rs 22,180 Rs 30,497 Rs 8,319 Rs 5,929 Rs 2,390



Fiscal Year (FY) Revenue (Billion) Total Expenditure Deficit Domestic Loans External Loans
2012-13 Rs 2,982 Rs 4,816 Rs 1,834 Rs 1,835.5 -1.7
10-Year Total Rs 49,112 Rs 72,053 Rs 22,943 Rs 16,922 Rs 6,021