Pakistan Has Only 5.8 Million Metric Tons of Wheat to Feed 220 Million Citizens

Pakistan currently has a total stock of unmilled wheat of 5.8 million metric tons. This is insufficient to cater for the national requirement of 220 million population. education never dies visited the National Food Security and Research Institute’s headquarters in Peshawar on Wednesday and met officials from the institution.

Pakistan has more than 10 million metric tons of wheat during the current season. Balochistan has the lowest amount of stock so far with only 49,930 metric tons.

The government has released 4.236 million metric tons of wheat to meet the national requirement during the current season, which started on May 1, 2022. Punjab, Sindh, KP, PASSCO and Balochistan had procured more than 6.000 thousand metric tons each.

The country missed the wheat production target and produced only 26.8 million tons against the total demand of almost 30 million tons for 2021-22. The country has imported 1.099 million tons of unmilled wheat worth $460.6 million from different countries.