Kay Mellor: A ‘Leeds lady completely’

The British amusement foundation has lined up to honor Kay Mellor since her passing was declared. However, she will be particularly grieved in Yorkshire, a spot she went through the vast majority of her time on earth advocating, and from which she took and gave motivation in equivalent measure.

Kay Mellor was, to come up with an expression, a “glad Yorkshire girl”.

The scriptwriter was never timid about her underlying foundations, and would frequently discuss what nearby characters she met had meant for her.

Brought into the world in Leeds, she set quite a bit of her work, including Fat Friends, The Syndicate and Girlfriends, in the city, and picked close by Bradford as the area for Band of Gold.

“Whenever I watch my work on TV or in the theater, I can perceive what Leeds has meant for me, the Leeds vernacular is all around my work,” she once said.

Not long after her passing at age 71 was declared, West Yorkshire city chairman Tracy Brabin – herself a previous entertainer – portrayed Mellor as “the voice of the North,” who “put common characters at the focal point of her splendid caring, moving and interesting stories”.


City chamber pioneer James Lewis said she was “a Leeds lady totally”, who “kicked off something new in bringing creative and endearing depictions of life in Yorkshire and the north of England to homes the nation over and then some.”

Addressing BBC Leeds in 2018, Mellor depicted her energy for the straight-talking Leeds soul.

“Individuals of Leeds say it the way things are. Assuming they like something, they’ll tell you. On the off chance that they could do without something, they’ll tell you. I consider individuals Leeds and Yorkshire by and large, are exceptionally kind and circumspect.”

She added: “I’m inconceivably pleased with this city, I’ve been here, I was brought into the world here, I am still here. I don’t have the foggiest idea what my work would be like, it wouldn’t be Leeds.

“That is the very thing I love about Leeds individuals, and that is what’s in my work. I love the characters of Leeds.”

Her enthusiasm for screenwriting affected large numbers of her peers.

Paul Stead, from Daisybeck Studios – what imparted a base to Mellor’s own creation outfit Rollem Productions, said she was “a motivation to us all in the TV business in Yorkshire”.

“We would frequently meet in the entryway at Prime Studios as that is where Daisybeck and Rollem are based and share a chuckle and a groan about the business.”

“She was an extraordinary lady personally, an author, a chief and a leader maker.

He added she was “a signal to ladies authors and her inheritance will live on in those she motivated.”

Leeds Civic Trust said Mellor was “a genuine companion” and a “hero of Leeds and the North”.

“Much obliged to you for your extraordinary commitment to our city. We send our most profound feelings and sympathies to the family,” it said.

West Yorkshire essayist Adelle Stripe added: “Miserable to hear this about Kay Mellor. Couldn’t have ever had the option to complete Black Teeth and a Brilliant Smile without her assistance.”