Bengali TV entertainer Pallabi Dey’s live-in accomplice captured, self destruction thought

Kolkata: Within 48 hours of well known Bengali TV sequential entertainer Pallabi Dey was found hanging at her leased convenience in south Kolkata, her live-in accomplice, Shagnik Chakraborty was captured on Tuesday night, police said.

Albeit the after death report indicated that Pallabi Dey had ended it all, her folks brought various charges against her live-in accomplice, which included mental and actual remorselessness and theft of assets acquired by their girl.

It is discovered that the police led a long distance race coordination of Chakraborty since Monday night lastly captured him on Tuesday night. It is discovered that his capture followed unmistakable hints of his inclusion in monetary theft.

In his police cross examination, Chakraborty conceded that he had a proper store mutually with Pallabi adding up to Rs 15 lakh. He likewise bought a rich loft at Salt Lake at an expense of Rs 80 lakh and furthermore an extravagant vehicle, quite a bit of which was financed by Pallabi from her pay. That’s what examining authorities feel in spite of the fact that Chakraborty was utilized, his pay was adequately not to go for such buys.

Chakraborty was hitched previously. Notwithstanding, a separation appeal was documented and from that point forward he began remaining along with Pallabi.